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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why would I want to rent the dress instead of buying one?


-         You get more than 60% off the brand new dress price tag for a comparable model

-         You get your gown dry-cleaned, pressed, and altered at no extra charge

-         You don’t worry about gown preservation expenses or time spent selling your wedding dress after you wear it on the wedding day

-         You have extra budget money available to channel to other important aspects of the wedding, like honeymoon!


Question: Where do you get your dresses from?

Answer: All our dresses come brand new from European manufacturers. We do not buy used wedding gowns from individuals.


Question: What is the price range for wedding gown rental?

Answer: Depending on the model of the dress, the price range is $85 - $150.


Question: What dress sizes do you carry?

Answer: We carry dress sizes 6 through 22.


Question: What services are included in the rental fee?

Answer: Rental fee included dry-cleaning, pressing and alterations of the gown you rent. The gown is ready to be worn right away from the moment you pick it up. Our competitors charge EXTRA for ALL of the above services.


Question: Do you make alterations?

Answer: We make reasonable alterations to ensure a good fit. Alterations fee is included in the rental fee.


Question: How many days do you allow for rental?

Answer: It depends on the day of the week that you have your wedding scheduled for. If a wedding is scheduled for a Saturday, you can pick up (or we can deliver) the dress on Friday, and you return it (or we pick it up) on Monday. There will be a $25.00 per day late charge fee for dresses returned after the agreed upon date.


Question: Can I buy the gown if I really like it?

Answer: Absolutely, all our gowns come with an option to buy.


Question: What is the damage deposit for?

Answer: $100 damage deposit covers any penalties incurred for wear and tear and/or food or beverage stains. Every dress is inspected upon return. Damage deposit is completely refunded if none of such are found. Contractual agreement signed prior to dress rental discusses the penalties.


Question: How can I make sure that the dress of my choice is available for rent for the day of my wedding?

Answer: If dress is reserved 4 weeks before the wedding date, “Beyond Elegance” guarantees dress availability. If you would like to reserve the dress in advance, $65.00 security deposit is required at the time of reservation. Security deposit is non-refundable if cancellation occurs. Security deposit is fully refunded at the time of rental fee and damage deposit payment.


Question: What forms of payment do you accept?

Answer: We do not accept debit or credit cards. Personal checks, money orders or cash payments are welcome. There is a $25 fee on all returned/cancelled checks.


Question: Do you have dress delivery and pickup available?

Answer: Absolutely. Dress delivery and pick up fee within Charlotte, NC is $25 each.


Question: Do you have bridal accessories or bridesmaids dresses available for rent?

Answer: We specialize in wedding gown rentals only. However, we provide bridal accessories for the fitting during the appointment.


Question: How can I schedule my appointment?

Answer: You can call us at 704-634-5933 or email us at


Question: Where are you located?

Answer: We are conveniently located 5 min from uptown Charlotte, NC.


Question: What do I need to take into consideration for the appointment?

Answer: If you have your own bridal accessories, remember to bring them. Similar hair style and shoe height is important. We take digital pictures of you in the dress and can email them to the address provided, however you are welcome to bring your own camera.


Question: Do you have any promotional programs?

Answer: We belive that "word of mouth" is our best advertising strategy. That is why we pay 10% referral commision on any gown rental to the vendor/previous customer that referred us.

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