Questions about Wedding Gown Custom Orders


Question: Are the gowns available for sale listed on the website?

Answer: No, however, we have an extensive offline catalog listing several hundreds of available models. We special order every sale gown directly from the manufacturer. We would like to talk to you and discuss your wedding gown preferences, then show you or email you relevant pictures.


Question: What is the range of prices on sale gowns?

Answer: The sale gown prices range from $800.00 - $5000.00. Sales price of the gown includes any applicable shipping charges.


Question: Do you have gowns available for sale in present inventory?

Answer: No, every gown for sale is coming through a special order directly from the manufacturer. With that, we eliminate additional costs of storing inventory and are able to bring lowest prices to the table.


Question: I have a picture of my dream gown; will I be able to custom order a similar gown?

Answer: Absolutely, this is the convenience of us dealing directly with the manufacturer! We can forward your requests/pictures/ideas to the manufacturer to custom design every part of the gown. You can pick and choose beading, lace, design, and color!


Question: How is buying a gown from you different from buying a gown on the Internet, since you only see a picture?


  • Unlike buying on the Internet, if you choose our services, you have a local contact for all your needs.
  • We represent our manufacturers and take full responsibility for sales gowns delivery and quality.
  • Upon gown delivery, we offer complementary alterations (if needed) and pressing/steaming the gown you bought. Our competitors charge EXTRA for all the above services.

Question: Can I get a sample fabric swatch before I order the gown?

Answer: Absolutely.


Question: How long does the shipping take from the time I place the order?

Answer: Depending on the manufacturer, the delivery and shipping of the ordered gown takes 8-10 weeks.


Question: Do you have bridesmaids, mother of the bride, flower girl dresses and bridal accessories available for custom order?

Answer: Yes. As with wedding gowns, the offline catalog is extensive. Please contact us for pictures and details.

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